BSR for Veterans and (ex) police force personal

Body Stress… .. Body tension

Body Stress can have very debilitating consequences and manifests itself in many complaints. 

Also having experienced major events that have not been processed as such and the sensations that this causes cause Body Stress in the body.

Care with Body Stress Release relaxes this tension and gives the nervous system a chance to recover, better communication between brain and body and vice versa occurs. This improved communication leads to an increase in self-healing ability and can contribute to a decrease in complaints and an increase in resilience.

As a BSR Practitioner, Veteran and ex-police officer I would like to assist you in your quest to improve your physical / mental health. To achieve this, you are open to other views and insights into health and you are willing to give your fullest in order to achieve results together.

The first appointment is free and will determine the future. I am straightforward and if necessary confronting, what suits me with the background we have together and from which I will try to estimate whether we should start this process together. We will discuss this process as well as the financial consequenses at the end of this first appointment.

The practice is accessible by wheelchair and your service dog is of course welcome.

Body Stress Release is complementary care and not a substitute for psychotherapy!

Call or email, kind regards Bart van Huffelen.